I have my mother to thank for most of my craft work over the years for she taught me most of what I know. If she didn’t then she encouraged in and found someone who could. The only person I know with such a wide range of craft skills and a neat and swift hand I was pretty lucky to have learnt from the best. As a result I learnt to sew and crochet when I was 8 years old and my sister and I would take joy in using discarded pieces of cloth to try our hand at sewing on her little hand operated sewing machine. I was not a fan of embroidery though, with the exception of cross stitch. Growing up, I often made bead jewellery and sketched shoes (a lot of the time in my Math textbooks!). I always dreamed of being a Footwear Designer one day and well, let’s just say I haven’t given up on that dream yet.

These pages and posts on Design and Craft comprise of my own designs and creations, and those that have inspired me or my sense of style, as well as topical features and reviews of different brands.

All the photographs are available on instagram so please do follow me @AminahKhan23

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