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BOE Magazine

5 Aphrodisiac Recipes for Christmas

christmas-love….“It’s a bit of an old wives tale but food touches on all of our senses, it’s a very sensual experience, it can actually give you quite a kick in the bedroom if you just add a little bit of creativity and spice”, says Cordon Bleu chef Chez Tse. Chocolate, she says, releases chemicals in the brain that stimulate sensual points when you eat it, so it’s kind of like falling in love …

couple-romance-on-new-years-eve…. By playing a bit of baker at the bar and barmaid in the bakery, I’ve whipped up some treats, tipples and tips to get you in the holiday mood.

(N.B.: The percentages of ABV – and by that I mean Aphrodisiac By Volume – may vary) ….

This article was first published in BOE Magazine, 20 Dec 2013. Read full article here

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