The Cycle of Sanity

Inspired by the following works by artist Patanjali Bhati Thakkar

12509474_10153506709629794_1324627327997044012_n  12662566_561414577350631_8856144244683550718_n


Foreboding meets me head on,

I bow to bear the impact.

I find an explanation,

I start to realise the facts.


My body and mind are terse,

I feel claustrophobia loom.

I feel fear that won’t disperse.

Coiled, I feel a sense of doom.


But suddenly my gaze shifts,

To a waterfall serene

I loosen, my spirit lifts

I see grey but I smell green.


I release my tension now,

And start to come undone

And just as the water flows

I let my worries now run.


I have relaxed and released

My worries, my cares, my pain

And I return, more at ease

Ready to face life again.


I have realised and returned

The cycle is now complete

But if the wheel stops to turn

The cycle cannot repeat


And unless it does repeat

Life will become a burden

We’ll start to claim defeat

And we will be doomed, be done.

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