4 Faces of ‘We’

Inspired by the following works by artist Sam Bullough

IMG_8111   IMG_8116

IMG_8118   IMG_8112

I feel a burst of energy,

And then see elements collide

Adrenaline courses through me

I’m a supernova inside


I feel a million thoughts run through

My mind, my soul, as I suspect

Did for this work’s artist too

Who pauses only to reflect


I take a step back and see

Four different faces of me

Of we, for we each are a medley

Of forces for none of us is mood free’


My gaze lands upon the vines now,

I feel the hard floor beneath me

I feel my thoughts engulf me now

And I suddenly feel dizzy


I faint and fall and then find me

Sat amidst the waves of why?

I turn to fiery me and see

A truth, a past, a present dry


Parched they have been burned to ash by

The flames of vengeance, rage, regret

The memories return, I sigh

There are things  I just can’t forget


But why must I pay penance though

For mistakes that were never mine

Perhaps it was not letting go

That to ash burned down my  vines


I feel a chill, the wind blows in

From the mouth of moving on

Soon the painful past’s forgotten

And with a gust the ashes gone.

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