Turquoise Lagoon Affair


You looked at me your eyes
Brimming with sincerity,
So I nodded trusting
As we stood there nearly nude,
Staring at the soft cerulean,
Silken waves below.

You took my hand in yours
And so deftly yet so gently,
Did you lead me down with you,
Into that other world
That for a moment felt,
Like ours and ours alone.

Steadily we glided on, exploring,
So enticed by every touch,
Texture, colour, sight discovered
That we hastened pace,
Hungrily seeking more amidst
The tantalising turquoise blue.

We were close. So close. Heart racing.
Pulsating. On the precipice
Of innocence and safe places.
Behind us the shimmering blue
Virgin shallows, in front the dense
Orgasmic depths…Ssshh.. indigo whispers.

You turned to me, our gazes locked,
Your eyes asking if I was ready?
To go on that far ahead,
For you knew that I
A novice of this genre
Of adventure was.

The hesitation surfaced
From my inhibitions bound to be,
Since it was a first for me..
And like a slowing sitar string,
I nodded in decline, not ready yet
To venture that far ahead.

I couldn’t till at ease I was
With gliding, freely, fluidly,
Lead on by indigo whispers.
Smooth, soft, stiff.
A cornucopia varied,
Aroused beneath the sea.

And so with a swift, and certain
Nod, you steered me back to
Where it all began, both you and me
Still savouring each shape
Sculpted so artistically,
Painted neatly, so perfectly.

We surfaced breathless, dripping,
We could taste the salty wet,
Lying side by side, still quivering,
Eyes closed, now smiling silently…
Melting beneath the tropical,
So sensual sky, subtly into one…

..Saving the most spectacular,
That to naked eyes remains
So well concealed,
Like something clandestine,
Until to venture there
I felt that I was ready.

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