Christmas Cocktail #1 Elf Apple Spritzer

Elf-apple1 (1)

  • Gingerale
  • Apple juice
  • Ground ginger/ginger powder
  • Green food colour


  • Raspberry
  • Silver balls
  • Mint leaves
  • Sugar
  1. Place the ground ginger and even a teaspoon of grated apple (if you fancy it), into the bottom of a tall drink glass.
  2. Pour in the apple juice and ginger ale as per your taste.
  3. Add a few drops of green food colouring and drop in a few silver balls.
  4. To garnish, slit a raspberry halfway through and slide onto the rim of the glass with a few mint leaves through the slit. By this time the silver balls will turn into sparkly effervescence before leaving silver twinkles in the drink.

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